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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looper is coming Part Deux!

Remember this date: SEPTEMBER 28th.

This is the date Looper comes to theater's. I want you there opening weekend...I MEAN IT.

I'm very excited for this movie as I think it's a true example of awesomeness and originality. It takes place in the future. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hit-man who is hired to kill people sent back through time. Meaning, he get's a time and a place, shows up, person appears and he kills them. The drama starts when the mob sends back his older-self played by Bruce Willis.

If that was it, I'd probably still be sold on this movie. But it's everything else that get's me excited, the look, the sound, the feel, the visual fabric of the flick. Emily Blunt is in it. The design work of the world and the weaponry. Gordon-Levitt's make-up job to look more like Willis. Emily Blunt is in it. And I also read an article about how Gordon-Levitt spent mucho time studying the early works of Willis in order to sound like him and act like him, that means he watched Die Hard for hours upon hours. That is fucking awesome.

Did I mention Emily Blunt is in it?

Tell me that doesn't look badass...really digging the intensity between Bruce and Joseph.

Can't wait...mark your calenders - NOW!

Tell me that's NOT an interesting weapon design!

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  1. Definitely gonna be there opening weekend. It feels like forever since a decent movie came out worth seeing the past couple of months. The most intriguing concept for me is definitely the originality and overall look of it, and of course Gordon-Levitt's seemingly BRILLIANT performance. Plus it's rated R. Not a tame teeny bopper movie to boot??? Of course I'm there!!

    Just one question. Who's Emily Blunt? :-P

    Hah. Couldn't resist.